5-10 Tons Polyanionic Cellulose Pac Powder Oil Drilling Fluid Polymer For Sale In Russia

  • polyanionic cellulose application (pac) in oil drilling fluid

    Polyanionic Cellulose Application (PAC) in Oil Drilling Fluid

    A small amount of Polyanionic Cellulose can replace a lot of clay and this kind of mud can reduce the difficulties resulting from encountering CaSO42H20 or CaSO4 salt belt during drilling process. However, PAC applies to the mud with larger proportion, can reduce the fluid loss but have little effect on the viscosity. In use, Polyanionic

  • polyanionic cellulose pac r hv in mud pac oil & gas drilling

    Polyanionic Cellulose PAC R HV in Mud PAC Oil & Gas Drilling

    Polyanionic cellulose regular grade (PAC R or PAC HV) is a premium grade modified cellulose with high viscosity and high molecular weight which can be used as a viscosifier and fluid loss control additive in water-based drilling mud systems.PAC R can provide excellent viscosity and reduce API filtration rate for oil well drilling fluids.API 13A and OCMA grades polyanionic cellulose (pac) in

  • ashland | aquapac™ polyanionic cellulose

    Ashland | AquaPAC™ polyanionic cellulose

    AquaPAC™ polyanionic cellulose is of premium quality and cost-effective and provides outstanding fluid-loss control properties, shale inhibition and salt tolerance. It is useful for water-based drilling fluids as well as in low-density brines.

  • drilling fluid mud pac lv hv r polyanionic cellulose polymer

    Drilling Fluid Mud PAC LV HV R Polyanionic Cellulose Polymer

    6. Environment friendly PAC LV HV R Drilling Fluid Mud Polyanionic Cellulose Polymer Applications in Drilling Fluid 1. Protect the wall of oil well, prevent mud flowing away and carry crumbs. 2. Protect drilling bit and increase drilling speed. 3.

  • cmc&pac for oil drilling industry - carboxymethyl cellulose

    CMC&PAC For Oil Drilling Industry - Carboxymethyl cellulose

    Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose (CMC) and Polyanionic Cellulose(PAC) can be used in drilling fluid, fixing fluid and fracturing fluid. In drilling fluid, it works as viscosifier, filtration reducer and rheology controller; in fixing fluid, it is used to control fluid viscosity, suspend heavy objects and avoid fluid loss; also in fracturing fluid, it is used to carry stuffing and avoid fluid loss.

  • polyanionic cellulose, pac, cellulose

    PolyAnionic Cellulose, PAC, Cellulose

    Polyanionic Cellulose (PAC) CAS No.: 9004-32-4. Molecular Formular: [C 6 H 7 O 2 (OH) 2 CH 2 COONa] n. Structural Formular: Property: PAC is a kind of nonionic cellulose ether featured the properties of high purity, high DS, particularly high viscosity or low viscosity. These products are demi-natural polymer additive, thickening agent

  • polyanionic cellulose (pac) drilling additive

    Polyanionic Cellulose (PAC) Drilling Additive

    Polyanionic Cellulose is more suitable for offshore drilling and the functions of Polyanionic Cellulose in drilling fluid are listed as below. 1). The drilling mud is the suspended matter of solids in the aqueous solution, and the same as other colloidal suspension dispersions, so has a certain life period.

  • polyanionic cellulose polymer - 9004-32-4 latest price

    Polyanionic Cellulose Polymer - 9004-32-4 Latest Price

    pac is a cellulose derivative product, white to creamish coloured free flowing fine powder / granules available as pac- lv and pac-r. pac -lv is a short chain polymer and it is used as a filtration control agent in all types of water base drilling mud. pac-r is a long chain polymer of high molecular weight, readily

  • which polymers are mostly used in drilling fluid?

    Which polymers are mostly used in drilling fluid?

    There are different types of polymers used in drilling fluid, both organic and inorganic materials are used in drilling fluids depending on the specific function required.

  • pac (polyanionic cellulose)

    PAC (Polyanionic Cellulose)

    Polyanionic Cellulose (PAC) CAS No.: 9004-32-4 Molecular Formular: [C6H7O2(OH)2CH2COONa]n Structural Formular: Property: PAC is a kind of nonionic cellulose ether featured the properties of high purity, high DS, particularly high viscosity or low viscosity. These products are demi-natural polymer additive, thickening agent, filtrate reducer.

  • china oilfield additives pac lv/ hv / oil drilling mud

    China Oilfield Additives PAC LV/ Hv / Oil Drilling Mud

    Industrial grade polyanionic cellulose(PAC) for deep water drilling. PAC is a non-ionic cellulose ether, which has the characteristics of high content and high degree of substitution. The viscosity can be adjusted according to requirements. It is a semi-natural polymer additive, thickener and fluid loss reducer. PAC plays an

  • polyanionic cellulose pac lv suppliers for oil & gas drilling

    Polyanionic Cellulose PAC LV Suppliers for Oil & Gas Drilling

    PAC LV (also PAC L) is a premium grade purified low viscosity polyanionic cellulose (PAC) for oil and gas drilling which is designed to use as a fluid-loss control additive in freshwater, saltwater, KCl, and seawater drilling mud systems. It has low molecular weight which is essentially not a viscosifier and can be help form a thin and tough filter cake so as to minimize differential sticking

  • impacts of polyanionic cellulose polymer (pac)

    Impacts of Polyanionic Cellulose Polymer (PAC)

    In this study, the effects of Polyanionic Cellulose Polymer (PAC) on water base drilling fluids were studied. From the results:- The raw clay from study area is near to Ca bentonite. Adding PAC improved water base drilling fluids in different degrees of efficiency. The drilling fluids reach API specification for

  • polyanionic cellulose pac - manufacturer,supplier

    Polyanionic Cellulose PAC - Manufacturer,Supplier

    Product Description. Polyanionic Cellulose PAC. Known for its low viscosity level, the Polyanionic Cellulose PAC has low molecular weight and this polymer has been specially formulated for water based drilling fluids with solid laden properties.The unique composition of this product drastically lowers filtration rate of several water based drilling fluids without raising their gel

  • drilling fluid formulation using cellulose generated from


    The water loss analysis showed that the drilling fluid formulated from groundnut husk cellulose of 2.0g has a high fluid loss of 7.6mls with a maximum percentage deviation of 13.2% at 30 minutes while the groundnut husk cellulose 4.0g has a lower fluid loss of 6.5 mls with a maximum

  • m-i pac r technical-grade polyanionic-cellulose filtration

    M-I PAC R Technical-Grade Polyanionic-Cellulose Filtration

    M-I PAC R technical-grade polyanionic-cellulose filtration-control additive. M-I PAC R additive is a regular tech-grade quality PAC, useful in controlling filtration and increasing rheology in all types of water but is particularly effective in saltwater brines.M-I PAC R additive controls fluid loss in freshwater, seawater, KCl, and

  • pac polyanionic cellulose for oil drilling grade

    PAC Polyanionic Cellulose For Oil Drilling Grade

    These products are demi-natural polymer additive, thickening agent, filtrate reducer. Polyanionic Cellulose (PAC) is an indispensable product for drilling mud making. Polyanionic Cellulose (PAC) is high purity product; the water solution of this white powder is transparent and viscid. As water-soluble polymer, it dissolves immediately in cold

  • pac polyanionic cellulose hv wholesale, polyanionic

    Pac Polyanionic Cellulose Hv Wholesale, Polyanionic

    We offers 626 pac polyanionic cellulose hv products. About 72% of these are petroleum additives, 36% are paper chemicals, and 16% are electronics chemicals. A wide variety of pac polyanionic cellulose hv options are available to you, such as paper chemicals, coating auxiliary agents, and petroleum additives.

  • china polyanionic cellulose pac-hv/lv - china polyanionic

    China Polyanionic Cellulose PAC-Hv/LV - China Polyanionic

    China Polyanionic Cellulose PAC-Hv/LV, Find details about China Polyanionic Cellulose PAC, Oil Field Use PAC Hv and PAC LV from Polyanionic Cellulose PAC-Hv/LV - Yuebao Technology Co., Ltd.

  • polyanionic cellulose - schlumberger oilfield glossary

    polyanionic cellulose - Schlumberger Oilfield Glossary

    A cellulose derivative similar in structure, properties and usage in drilling fluids to carboxymethylcellulose. PAC is considered to be a premium product because it typically has a higher degree of carboxymethyl substitution and contains less residual NaCl than technical grade carboxymethylcellulose, although some PACs contain considerable NaCl.

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